PCB and SMD Stencil from a Single Source

Actsource offers the option of stencils with the printed circuit board in a single transaction. The benefits for you are obvious:

» Saves work and time:
In the past, you needed to place two orders; now all you need is one. It’s no longer necessary to coordinate the efforts of two suppliers, and wait times for soldering paste data are now a thing of the past.

» Offers security:
The stencil data are processed together with the circuit board data, so they are absolutely identical. This reduces the risk of error close to zero.

Actsource does the logistics for you and ensures that PCB and stencil are available for you in time.
You can get stencils from PCB in various designs:
- as an version for laboratory samples, prototypes and very small quantities
- as rectangular stencil without input system or customized marginal perforation
- for all conventional quick-action systems
- in screen frame