Multilayer PCB

Actsource Ltd supplies rigid FR4 printed circuit boards up to 12 layers. We understand the main challenge to ensure the optimal handling of the very thin layers of material by using fully-automated manufacturing processes.

Our PCB base materials

» FR4 PCB: Woven glass, impregnated with flame-retardant epoxy, is characterised by low price, flame-retardant, Tg 130°C, Epsilon depending on resin content.

» FR4 KB 6 serie Tg 150℃, high thermal decomposition temperature(Td), Low CTE , excellent heat resistance and appropriate for lead-free assembly, the resin system is Dicy free and no filler, anti-CAF.

» High Tg FR4: Improved FR4 , with a modified epoxy resin. +10% cost acc. to FR4, flame-retardant, Tg 180°C, better resistance against multiple soldering cycles, good for high signal speed MLB.

However, upon customer's request we are able to use other new high quality materials with higher levels of thermal performance and improved CAF resistance.

Multilayer Circuit Board Inner Construction

Layout of a Multilayer PCB

A multi-layer board is a PCB that has more than two layers. It is basically anything more than a double-sided board.

As you can see in the image, a multilayer circuit board starts with a rigid core of FR4 and copper. The internal core is processed for traces on those prior to the other fiberglass and copper being added, and the entire board is laminated together.

The copper foil added consists of very thin and loose sheets of copper. They are sandwiched together with inner core, and placed in a PCB Lamination Press. Pressure and heat are applied to the material,which binds all layers together. Once it cools, the fiberglass is then hard and the entire circuit board becomes rigid. After lamination of the board, the outer layers are processed for traces and drilling.

The use of multilayer boards also holds several benefits for applications where high levels of uniformity in conductor wave impedance are required. In addition, multilayer fr4 PCB can provide more space for conductor patterns and power.


Our PCB Manufacturer are fully certified by ISO9001, RoHS and UL