Our Surface-Mount Production Line


Our SMT-manufacturing line is located in West Hangzhou and we are one of the top SMT manufacturers in the province of Zhejiang. An over 2400 square-meters static-controlled production facility houses two SMT-lines with the latest technology and experienced staff to meet your most demanding project requirements. We rely on advanced technology, working with pick and place equipments and machines by leading manufacturers such as Yamaha.

We are able to place all current SMD component types from a component size of 0402 or a fine pitch of 0.3 mm, respectively.

Actsource is fully RoHS and lead-free compliant.

Our Surface Mount equipment:
» SMT/SMD placement equipment.
» Silk screen printer to protect the copper foil.
» Wave soldering used for both through-hole and surface mount.
» Epoxy dispenser so that delicate electronic components can cope with under PCBA heating.
» Reflow oven for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components.
» Ulatrasonic surface cleaning systems.
» AOI (Automated Optical Inspection equipment)

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Our SMT Manufacturing Equipment

In the following chart the current machinery and equipment from our SMT Line:

Machine Name Quantity Brand Technical Data
Automatic solder paste mixer G5 2 GKG Fix precision: ±0,01mm
Printing precision: ±0,025
Pick & Place Mounter YV100-XE 2 Yamaha Speed: 0,22s/chip
Precision: ±0,05mm
High-Precision, High-Speed SMT Pick & Place Chip Mounter YG200 1 Yamaha Speed: 0,08s/chip
Precision: +/-50μm mounting absolute accuracy
Reflow  FL-VP1060 2 Folungwin Temperature controlling space: 10
Temperature controlling space: ±2°
Automatic Optical Inspection VCTA-A410 2 Zhenhuaxing Test speed: 160point/s, resolution: 12um
Inspection precision > 99%
Solder paste mixer MIX500D 2 SMTECH Speed: 1000rpm (1st), 380rpm (2)
Feed machine AK-250OLD  2 AUTOK Box side 355*320*563mm
Delivery machine AK-250ULD  2 AUTOK Box side: 460*400*565mm
SMD chip counter COU2000ADV 2 SMTECH Count ranger 59999-59999 pcs
ICT CTR-518FV 2 TRI Rule value short below 25Ω, open 55Ω
Resistor measure range: 0.1Ω-40MΩ, Capacity: 0.1PF-40MF, Inductance: 1.0UH-60H, Voltage: 0.1V - 40V
Triode, TRACE, crystal capacitance measure
Measure items: open/short, polar, connector  direction
FCT JIG According to products several Custom made Function tests according to requirements
Auto alarm
Auto display PASS or NG
Condition: Annual yield: 100.000pcs or output value $1million

Our Workshop

» founded in 2006

» over 120 employees, 5 engineers, and 20 technical employees focusing on Quality Control.

» ISO9001 certified

» own R&D department

» 2 SMT lines, complete equipment for testing and quality control

» among other PCBA specialised in industrial controllers and electronics for house hold appliances

Factory Address

Heneng H-Power Electronics Co., Ltd

3F, 31 Xianxing Road, Xianlin
Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
(ZIP: 311100) China

Tel: +86 571 8534 1285
Fax: +86 571 8534 1285