Hangzhou east railway station G20Hangzhou East Railway Station looks magnificent at night after it turned on a new lighting system on Tuesday this week. The East Railway Station is the terminal for high-speed trains and one of the largest stations in China.

pcb manufacturing process

Without doubt the Printed Circuit Board is one of the most important components in each electronic device. The PCB is the base for all other electronic components and interconnects them electrically via copper circuit foils. The parts of these foils which are soldered to the components are called soldering pads.

view of Hangzhou City from West Lake

HANGZHOU, China - Home to electronics manufacturing companies and makers of household appliances, Zhejiang's transformation is an exemplar of Chinese leaders' vision of an economy powered less by exports and investment and more by services and advanced industry, as embodied in the country's "Made in China 2025" strategy published on Tuesday.

circuit board prototype productionWhy low volume PCB productions, especially the necessary prototypes, are considerably more expensive than higher production quantities of the same design.

Actsource would like to explain the price constilation in different operations manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards...

Cross Section of a Tantalum CapacitorTantalum capacitors are widely used in electronics design these days, they are similar to normal electrolytic capacitors, but using tantalum within the construction of the capacitor it is able to offer extremely high levels of capacitance and very high capacity density for any given volume. As such tantalum capacitors are widely used in electronics equipment where there is a need for small size and a high level of capacitance.

EMS Electronics Manufacturing GroupThe new EMS Elektronik Group is one of the principal discussion groups about Electronics Manufacturing Services on Germany’s leading professional social platform Xing. Threads and comments are posted in German and English language. Main topics in this group are electronics and EMS industry, job market,...