Quality Control at Jinnuo Plastic & Moulding

Hangzhou Jinnuo can offer our quality plastic injection molding services on a global scale by utilizing a comprehensive Quality Management System to operate our business. This system is based on the International Standards for quality.

In order to provide quality plastic injection molding products consistently and cost effectively, every employee at Jinnuo Plastic & Moulding plays a key role. This quality system is successful because each team member follows controlled procedures, work instructions, visual standards and quality plans to produce plastic injection molded parts that will meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.

Quality assurance at Jinnuo is a three-step process:

» Step 1: Machine Inspection
Parts are initially inspected directly out of our molding machine. Our technicians are trained to identify and rectify the following defects:
› Sink marks that form when the outer plastic shell hardens before the internal plastic has had an opportunity to cool.
› Short shots caused when there is an inadequate amount of plastic material to fill the mold Burn marks caused by trapped compressed air during the molding process.
› Flash marks, which is the excess plastic that extends from the end of the molded part.

» Step 2: Finishing Station Inspection
Parts at the finishing station are inspected for consistent finishes and textures prior to screen or pad printing.
› Inspection stations can view pieces at up to 50x power magnification

» Step 3: Quality Control Department Inspection
Finished parts undergo one final inspection to ensure tolerances are met for every part.
› Digital calipers measure for part accuracy to within =/-.005.