Plastic Injection Moulding

As contract-manufacturer we specialize in the production of injection molds and injection molded plastic parts, like ABS, PP, PA, PS, TPU, PET, PE, etc… Our manufacturing facility supplies high quality plastic products and housings for electronics, medical devices, consumer goods and other industries.

To learn more about our plastic injection moulding and tooling service or discuss your next project, our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Services we can offer you

Plastic Injection Molding Factory working with Actsource» Injection Molds: Our manufacturer Jinnuo builds all specifications of moulds in-house, from prototype to multi-cavity, aluminum to heat treated tool-steel. Our tooling products range from simple open and closed moulds to complex moulds with multiple slides, lift cores and complex parting lines.

» A Custom Rapid 3-D Printed Prototype: Clients want to test their design in the real world, to feel it in their hands, and test its functionality. A stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototype, created through an additive manufacturing process, comes close to replicating the final product and can be produced in as little as one day.

» The Right Tooling for your Project: Once the prototype phase is complete, we’ll review your tooling options. If you’re looking at short run production, you may be able to save money by using a simple mild steel or “cut-in-the-solid” mould. Long-term high volume production usually requires a heat-treated tool-steel mold. The complexity of your design will determine the amount of time needed to manufacture your plastic injection mould. Your mould will be tested, and first article parts submitted for your approval.

» Quality and Timely Production: At Jinnuo, we do both small and large runs, depending on your needs. We can also provide assembly. Scheduling is simple. Upon receipt of a purchase order, your order is entered into our ERP system and sent to the production floor. At Jinnuo, most orders are shipped within two weeks.

» We can do Overmolding: which uses different component materials and integrates them into a single part, much like what you might see on a toothbrush, where a soft elastomer material is molded onto a rigid handle.


Injection Moulding Machinery List

Type of Machine Injection moulding Baby injection moulding Precision injection moulding
Quantity of machines:  6 1 1
Model:  HD-900 HYF500 SZ2400A
Producer:  Hangzhou Huada Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd Ningbo Haiying Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd Hangzhou CMC No. 4509 Machinery Co., Ltd
Screw diameter:  35 mm A28/B32 mm A60/B55
Screw speed:  0-139 rpm 0-200 rpm 0-220 rpm
Injection rate:  62.8 g/s A45/B55 g A1052/B1220
Opening stroke:  320 mm 255 mm 545 mm
Injection pressure:  198 (Mpa) A163/B133 Mpa A242/B200
Theoretical injection capacity:  153 cc A60/B82 cc A538/B652
Clamping force:  900 kN 500 kN 2700 kN
Pump Motor power:  9 kw 5.5 kw 22 kw

Our Manufacturer

Engineer Lianfu Jin founded Jinnuo Plastic & Moulding Co. Ltd in 2007, an expert journeyman mold-maker for nearly 15 years. Lianfu Jin started out working in his home town Taizhou, the Chinese capital of injection moulds, later he moved to Hangzhou in order to start his own business. Our company came first time in contact with Jinnuo through our work at GTW GmbH in 2008.

Since over 5 years Jinnuo is contract manufacturer for several Chinese multi-nationals like Hikvision. Our facility is located in Yuhang Town, a town 15 km west of Hangzhou and halfway to Actsource. Surrounded by industry, specially middle size companies, Jinnuo is a perfect location for our business.

Factory Address

Owner: Lianfu Jin

Yuhang Road 640
Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
(ZIP 311121) China

Tel +86 571 89052995
Fax +86 571 89052995