Electronics Manufacturing

We are fortunate to work in one of the most compelling and dynamic industries, building the electronics that help dentists to x-ray your jawbone, control your washing machine or introduce young professionals to the exciting world of engineering.

No matter what your project is about, we have the expertise to built high quality electronics made in China, with a quick turnaround. Following some of the industries we mainly serve:


Medical Devices

Actsource has built medical devices to the quality standards demanded of companies building medical electronics, all in accordance with FDA standards like ISO 13485. Our experience covers a very wide range of electronics such as dental equipment, PCBA for x-ray machines or medical-asthetical devices.


Consumer Electronics

Getting your product to market on time, under budget, and with high reliability in the field is crucial for consumer electronics. Our clients count on us to deliver 100% on-time, and at the expected price. Running a Just-in-time final assembly process? Our on-time guarantee assures you that we’ll be there, with the boards you need, when you need them.


Instrumentation & Measurement

Actsource has worked with a variety of customers in the industrial market segment from sensors, conditioning systems for alternative energy, power monitoring systems, industrial controls as well as others with demanding environmental requirements.

Electronics Manufacturing