Liangfu Jin
Jinnuo Plastic & Moulding - Engineer, General Manager

Liangfu Jin loves unending discussions about comparisons of single polymers and their advantages. Quite often he tells his vision about being a direct contract manufacturer and product developer of a German plastics company.

Liangfu began his life with plastics as a kid in Taizhou, the Chinese capital of steal tooling. After his graduation he started his professional career in several Taizhounese injection mold factories until he decided to move to Hangzhou in order to open his own manufacturing plant. Liangfu helps build our moulds and exceed our customers’ expectations. His expertise is essential to ensuring a perfect build every time.



PCB assembly
Surface Mount & Through Hole
Engineering and Development of Electronics
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PCB fabrication
Sourcing of electronic components
Product design
Plastic injection molding, mold and tool making
Rubber production
Cable assembly
Metal processing