Mingqiang Dai||Hangzhou Sanwei Rubber, Gerente 

Minqiang Dai often has to be reminded that he does not in fact live in the factory, but has a home only a few hundred meters away.

He learned his craft in a rubber company in Hangzhou, almost 20 years ago. Opening his own small workshop in 2002, initially with 3 workers, was his obvious choice; and he’s been busy since. Nowadays he still approaches his work with the excitement and energy he had as a young man.

Minqiang is especially passionate about cars. He is the only General Manager in whole China who has decorated his office with car seats.



PCB assembly
Surface Mount & Through Hole
Engineering and Development of Electronics
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PCB fabrication
Sourcing of electronic components
Product design
Plastic injection molding, mold and tool making
Rubber production
Cable assembly
Metal processing