About Act Source Ltd

We exclusively represent the PCB Assembly fabricate house Heneng Technology as their export and marketing division. Heneng, established in 2006, is one of the leading EMS producers in our province Zhejiang.

Nonetheless, Actsource's aim is to provide a full OEM service with focus on Electronics Manufacturing. Therefore we offer smart services by partnering within a proper network of manufacturers and using our own resources. We understand about cost saving economies of scale and know the right engineers, managers and key persons to successfully complete projects.



PCB assembly
Surface Mount & Through Hole
Engineering and Development of Electronics
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PCB fabrication
Sourcing of electronic components
Product design
Plastic injection molding, mold and tool making
Rubber production
Cable assembly
Metal processing

Our History

  • 2007 The Idea

    2007 The Idea

    » Sourcing and quality control for the German drilling machine producer GTW Kernbohr- und Sägetechnik GmbH.
  • 2010 The Company

    2010 The Company

    » Act Source Limited is founded. At this point we coordinate the manufacturing process for companies in the field of medical devices, consumer appliances and other industries.
  • 2012 The Specialization

    2012 The Specialization

    » Strategic alliances with manufacturers that combine expertise in the product fields of electronics manufacturing services (EMS).
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Our Team

Annie WangQuality Control & Purchasing

Annie is a communications wizard, she knows how to achieve results with almost every boss around China and she is experienced in every part of the manufacturing and export business with over 10 years working experience.

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Jonathan LangeBusiness Development Manager

Jonathan is Actsource's utility infielder, his dedication to customers and focus in each single project is unparalleled. He works with our entire staff to define our needs and shepherd necessary projects to completion.

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Su PingFinance

Su Ping does the often unglamorous, but absolutely essential work, of keeping our books straight. As she likes to say, "I make sure everyone gets paid." As we like to say, thanks Su Ping."...

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Our Partners

Yan GongElectronics Engineer

Engineer Yan is head of Heneng’s R&D engineering team, besides he is also responsible for supervision and quality control of the SMT workshop. is mainly specialised in electronics hardware design such as home appliance, industrial controllers...

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Liangfu JinJinnuo Plastic & Moulding, Engineer and GM

Liangfu Jin loves unending discussions about comparisons of single polymers and their advantages. He began his life with plastics as a kid in Taizhou, the Chinese capital of steal tooling. Liangfu's expertise is essential to...

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Mingqiang DaiGerente Hangzhou Sanwei Rubber

Minqiang Dai often has to be reminded that he does not in fact live in the factory, but has a home only a few hundred meters away.

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